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Inquest witnesses elaborate on Chantel Moore's blood-alcohol content, 4 bullet wounds

The toxicologist who analyzed samples from Chantel Moore's body says she wasn't that impaired by alcohol at the time of her death, but her information processing would have been slowed.

Beyond the butter chicken: One woman's craving creates jobs for South Asian housewives

While Nidhi Tomer Chaudhary's initial goal was to fill a niche in the market for Rajasthani cuisine, she soon found her restaurant was also a way to empower women in the South Asian community and help newcomers to the country unable to find work.

Hundreds in B.C. are still in urgent need of flood relief, community volunteers say

The need for donations is far from over in the wake of one of B.C.'s most devastating natural disasters, relief organizers say.

Investigators search for culprit behind norovirus outbreak in B.C. oysters

Norovirus contamination in B.C.'s most productive oyster growing region has become a regular occurrence, setting back the industry's international reputation and putting farmers on edge. Investigators are chasing down the cause of this year's outbreak after laws and regulations failed to prevent it.

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