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Police take down stabbing suspect with Taser on crowded Vancouver street

Vancouver police have confirmed that a 22-year-old suspect from Surrey, B.C., was arrested at gunpoint after police responded to a report of a stabbing near the PNE grounds at about 10 p.m. PT on Sunday.

B.C. drought fears surge as rivers dry up across the province

Extreme hot dry weather has left streams and rivers across the province running low and that's creating drought conditions more commonly seen in late July.

A 'selfless' stranger offers Coquitlam SAR volunteer a kidney

A man who has spent years rescuing others wrote a social media post about his kidney disease and ended up finding four people willing to donate a kidney.

Helicopters at Anmore, B.C., party draw attention of Transport Canada

Transport Canada says it's looking into reports of helicopters landing at a private residence for a party last Saturday that sparked anger in the sleepy suburb.

Vancouver dog attack sends woman to hospital, kills Yorkshire terrier

A 54-year-old Vancouver woman is recovering from lacerations to her arms after a dog attack Wednesday night that ended in the death of the family's Yorkshire terrier.

Dam-safety issues doom island lake, raising concerns over groundwater, wildlife

The decision to dismantle a dam and drain a small lake on Pender Island has alarmed residents, who want more say in the future of a protected area that provides local drinking water and a home for birds and wetland animals.

Inquest ordered into death of Chilliwack man, 8 years after his body was found

Gladys and Ed Scherbey have always doubted their 38-year-old son Corey died after accidentally overdosing on alcohol and drugs, as initially ruled. They believe he met foul play.

Mystery hornet identified, turns out she's not from around here and likes to eat honeybees

An over-sized hornet found buzzing around a waterfront office in Vancouver earlier this month has been identified as a non-native Asian insect known to feed on honeybees.

B.C. surgery centre up for sale, according to quarterly report

One of the largest private surgical centres in the province appears to be for sale — according to a quarterly report issued by the corporation that owns False Creek Healthcare Centre in Vancouver.

Wild-camping crackdown threatens 'nomadic' lifestyle, says Squamish van-dweller

The district insists the bylaw is aimed at seasonal campers, not locals who live in their vehicles year-round. But van-dwellers fear it could threaten their homes and way of life.

Western red cedars die off as extended dry spells continue, say experts

Some Western red cedars are struggling after repeated bouts of drought conditions and experts say expect the tree to vanish for good in spots with shallow, dry, rocky soil.

Farm-to-table eatery forced to open brewery to keep serving burgers on ALR land

Seven years ago, Jodie Lucas and Will Gemmell bought a failed century-old hay farm on Vancouver Island and reimagined it, but now their on-farm eatery is threatened by government regulations.

Temperatures — and risk of early-season wildfires — to spike in B.C. this weekend

Three open-burn bans are already in place across the north and much of central B.C., where both fire-danger ratings and fears are high due to dry conditions.

'OK, it's alive': Vancouver woman finds scorpion on kitchen floor

At first, Gail Hammond thought it was a fridge magnet. Then it scuttled under her fridge.

Drug-testing device gives false positives on poppy seeds, CBD oil, says Vancouver lawyer

A device the RCMP uses to test driver saliva for drugs is fooled by innocuous substances such as tea or poppy seeds, warns a Vancouver lawyer who tested the device this weekend. But company official says that is misleading.