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YouTube video shows B.C. grizzly chewing on GoPro camera

A filmmaker who has been collecting footage of grizzlies in Knight Inlet, on B.C.'s west coast, recently had one of his cameras snatched by a curious bear.

Cameras aren't very tasty, a Knight Inlet grizzly decides

The GoPro camera has caught the attention of one of the grizzly bears. (kitchin sink/YouTube)

A U.K.-based filmmaker who has been collecting footage of grizzlies in Knight Inlet, on B.C.'s west coast, recently had one of his cameras snatched by a curious bear.

What the camera recorded as it was about to get chewed. (kitchin sink/YouTube)

John Kitchin posted the video of the encounter to YouTube last week with the simple description: "[A] grizzly bear stole my GoPro and chewed it."

The video indeed shows a couple of grizzlies lounging around on a wooden bridge.

One of the bears saunters up to the camera, and grabs it in its mouth. After some time carrying it around, dropping it, picking it back up, and chewing on the camera. After around two minutes, the bear finally gets bored with the GoPro, drops it and leaves.

It's still good, right? (John Kitchin/

The camera wasn't completely destroyed, merely punctured, but the last video clip recorded was corrupted by the chewing session, Kitchin said.

Kitchin, who is working toward a PhD, said on his website that he likes to use GoPros to record bear footage — and will likely continue to do so.

"The camera's size means they are relatively discreet, so usually ignored by the bears," he said.