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YouTube video captures car crashing into Langley dealership

The hit-and-run driver smashed through the front windows and badly damaged a Pontiac, Cadillac and Corvette.

Driver loses control on Fraser Highway and crashes into Original Applewood Motors

Video cameras at a Langley B.C. used car dealership recently captured the moments when a car smashed through the front windows and into one of their restored vehicles.

According to staff at the Applewood Kia at the intersection of the Fraser Highway and Langley Bypass, around 1 a.m. PT last Friday the driver of a Kia Amente lost control and smashed through the front window.

The store suffered structural damage, and a 1936 Pontiac, 1961 Cadillac, ZR1 Corvette were also badly damaged.

The windows have been boarded up and the dealership has reopened while construction is underway, but staff estimate the damage could total a quarter million dollars or more.

The driver fled the scene and is still being sought by Langley RCMP.

Google maps: Original Applewood Motors