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Wyatt Scott, independent B.C. candidate, back with another wild campaign video

Wyatt Scott, the B.C. independent candidate for Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon, is back with a new campaign video in which he promises, "Let's get serious."

Just when you think he's being serious, Bigfoot arrives playing guitar

'I like to laugh, I like to joke around and I like to fool around,' says Wyatt Scott. But the B.C. independent candidate for Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon says he is also 'passionate about a lot of issues.' (WyattScott_MMFC/YouTube)

In a previous campaign video, B.C. independent candidate Wyatt Scott has slain dragons, flown a Canada goose and miraculously grown a beard in seconds.

Now the candidate for Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon is back with a new campaign video in which he promises, "Let's get serious."

Scott promises to bring back social programs that "the Harper government has cut" and says he'll vote for free, universal post-secondary education.

Then, just as you begin to wonder what happened to the fun-loving candidate from the earlier video, a guitar-playing Bigfoot joins him and kicks the video back into high gear.

This ad was produced by independent candidate Wyatt Scott. It is embedded here for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement by CBC News.

The video includes a fight between "Salman" and "Beartrand" and ends with Scott's trademark lasers shooting out of his eyes and a Canada goose invading the screen. 

Impact on voters? 

Scott told CBC News that he knows his antics might be a tad unusual for an election campaign, but he feels the approach might appeal to a younger audience.

"We want to attract all demographics and obviously one of the hardest demographics to get out there to vote are youth, so we were hoping to excite and ignite something from within and get them inspired to take notice," he said. 

Scott's trademark lasers and Canada goose return in his second campaign video. (WyattScott_MMFC/YouTube)

"I am a very serious person and I am passionate about a lot of issues. But everybody who knows Wyatt knows I like to laugh, I like to joke around and I like to fool around."

Scott's videos have got both positive and negative reaction online from voters. 

On YouTube, Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu said she was a fan for life. "I hope you keep these videos coming, Wyatt Scott, long after you win the election in your riding."

Scott is running against NDP candidate Dennis Adamson, Liberal Jati Sidhu, Conservative Brad Vis, Marxist-Leninist Elaine Wismer and Arthur Alexander Green of the Green Party.

Win or lose, Scott promises to keep making his videos, including one to mark the election results.


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