Wrong nail polish colour, a question about raccoons: The 10 worst 911 calls of 2017

Pro-tip: if you're thinking of placing an emergency call to complain about your manicure, don't do it.

'Believe it or not, this isn't the first time I've received a call about the colour of nail polish'

A salon refusing to change nail polish does not qualify as a police, fire or medical emergency, says E-Comm, B.C.'s largest emergency communications centre. (CBC Life)

E-Comm, B.C.'s largest emergency communications centre, receives approximately 1.36 million calls every year.

The line should be reserved solely for police, fire or medical emergencies when immediate action is needed.

And spoiler alert — lost keys, the annoyance of early morning laundry and closed washrooms do not qualify as police emergencies.

Every year the centre releases a list of the worst calls of the year.

Here are the top 10 nuisance calls, 2017 edition.

The 10 worst 911 calls of 2017

1. Complaining a salon wouldn't change nail polish colour

2. Car refusing to move forward at a gas station pump

3. Reporting food was inedible and restaurant refused to provide refund

4. Complaining tenant moved without returning keys

5. Calling because someone parked in their parking spot

6. Wondering if a washroom closed sign at a popular beach was legitimate

7. Complaining a gas station wouldn't accept coins for payment

8. Calling to ask if raccoons are dangerous animals

9. Asking if there's a law preventing washing clothes at 6 a.m.

10. Calling to check the time following the fall time change

If you're wondering whether a raccoon is a dangerous animal, it might be better to turn to Google rather than calling 911. (CBC)

Jody Robertson, E-Comm's executive director of corporate communications, said in a release that the list, while funny, shows that some people believe 911 can be used as a customer complaint or general information service, when it should be reserved solely for emergency situations.

"None of the items on our list is a police matter," she said.

"We just want to remind people that every time it's not used responsibly, somebody could be in jeopardy of not getting through, and that's the last thing we want."

Nail polish call not isolated

E-Comm call-taker Christie Duncan fielded the call about the nail polish.

In the release, she said it's just one example of the types of calls received every day that can tie up 911 lines.

"Spending time on calls like these takes me away from being available to help someone who is a serious emergency situation," said Duncan.

"And believe it or not, this isn't the first time I've received a call about the colour of nail polish."

There are numbers to call for non-emergencies, and they can be found at ecomm911.ca.