British Columbia

'Pussyhats' on! Nanaimo shows solidarity with Women's March on Washington

Nanaimo, Vancouver and Victoria are three of the Canadian cities where a Women's March is planned for the day after Donald Trump's inauguration.

Marches are being held in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island the day after Trump's inauguration

Sonnet L'Abbe will wear her "pussy hat" this weekend in Nanaimo for the Canadian Women's March on Washington. (Sonnet L'Abbé)

It's a way to show solidarity with the Women's March on Washington.

The day after Donald Trump is inaugurated as president of the U.S., marches will be held in cities across North America, including Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria.

Sonnet L'Abbe is the Nanaimo spokeswoman for the Canadian Women's March on Washington and she says 250 people have already signed up for Saturday's event in her city. 

Thousands are also expected to march in Vancouver and Victoria.

"I think it's import to join in solidarity with the women who are marching in Washington and the women who are marching around the globe," said L'Abbe.

"Here in Nanaimo, we have a lot of women who share similar values and want to participate and want to have our voices heard too."

L'Abbe says the march is a way to show support for women in leadership and to promote Canadian values of diversity and inclusivity.

Sonnet L'Abbe will wear her "Pussyhat" this weekend in Nanaimo for the Canadian Women's March on Washington. (Sonnet L'Abbé)

"We are very proud of that. We want to continue that and have any sort of values of divisiveness and hate stop at the border."

For Saturday's event. L'Abbe will be wearing her hand-knit "Pussyhat."

Become agents of change

The Pussyhat project started in response to a 2005 video leading during the U.S. election of Donald Trump talking about groping women.

"Immediately there were pussy-grabs-back hashtags — women just embracing that. If it is going to be a word that is going to be used, then we will use it in an active sense and become agents of change with it."

L'Abbe says marches will take place in 20 Canadian cities on Saturday.

The Nanaimo event starts at 10 am at Diana Krall Plaza.

There is also a rally and march being held in Vancouver at 10 a.m. that will start at Jack Poole Plaza before moving on to the U.S. consulate, as well as one in Victoria on Saturday afternoon that will begin at Centennial Square.