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Wolf tranquilized after weekend on the run in downtown Victoria

A wolf that's been on the run evading capture since Saturday in downtown Victoria has been tranquilized, police say.

Police asked kids and pets to remain indoors as wolf roamed streets this weekend

Victoria police say the wolf was not injured. (Twitter/Victoria Police Department)

A wolf that's been on the run evading capture since Saturday in downtown Victoria has been tranquilized, police say.

The wolf was spotted in James Bay just before 3 p.m. Sunday, the Victoria Police Department said. Officers tracked the wolf from a distance as it made its way through the neighbourhood. 

The wolf ended up falling asleep between a fence and a building in the 200 block of Michigan Street. Children and pets were asked to remain indoors, but some residents came out to see what was going on, police said.

Just after 6 p.m., B.C. Conservation Service officers arrived and tranquilized the wolf.

The wolf is a healthy adult male and was not injured, the service said. It will be checked out by a veterinarian on Monday. 

The wolf was first spotted on Saturday trotting down a neighbourhood street.

According to Parks B.C., it is best to stay as far away from wolves as possible. 

Anyone who spots a wolf should begin scare tactics if it gets any closer than 100 metres. This includes raising one's arms and waving them in the air, using noise makers and throwing sticks. 

If a wolf displays aggressive behaviour, anyone nearby should back away slowly and not turn their back on the wolf. 

Victoria police tweeted a photo of the wolf Saturday, which they say was in the James Bay neighbourhood near downtown. (VicPD)


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