Wolf put down after attacking dogs at Long Beach, B.C.

Park rangers at Pacific Rim National Park have put down a wolf following multiple attacks on leashed dogs.

Park rangers decided to kill the animal after multiple attacks

A wolf has been put down after multiple attacks on leashed dogs in the Long Beach area. (Dawn Villella/Associated Press)

A wolf has been killed by conservation officers after two attacks on leashed dogs at Long Beach. 

Rene Wissink, the manager of resource conservation for Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, said park staff were concerned about the growing number of dangerous incidents with the wolf, including multiple attacks on dogs in the area.

"As a result of both the number and the escalation of these incidents over the course of the winter and spring, the decision was made to euthanize this animal," said Wissink.

In March, after a series of attacks by wolves, Wickaninnish Beach was temporarily closed and a ban placed on dogs for the entire Long Beach area. These attacks included a particularly vicious attack on a dog at Ucluelet.  A wolf advisory for Long Beach has been in effect since November.

Wissink said the decision to put down an animal is very uncommon and only used as a last resort.

He says a bear awareness program in the park has nearly eliminated problems with bears.

Wissink is asking park visitors to use the same precautions to help reduce encounters with wolves, like properly storing food and keeping their dogs on a leash.

"If everybody does their bit to avoid habituation of these animals, we can live in harmony and coexist with these animals across the landscape," said Wissink.