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Where would you travel in B.C. if restrictions were lifted?

The May long weekend typically marks the season of summer travels. But officials have discouraged any travel away from your home community due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So let us all indulge in some travel fantasy.

We asked for your ideas and got an overwhelming response

(Naomi Marchuk)

The May long weekend typically marks the season of summer travels. But officials have discouraged any travel away from your home community due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So let us all indulge in some travel fantasy together.

CBC Vancouver asked its audience where they would travel if the restrictions were lifted, and we received an overwhelming number of responses. 

Here are some of your top picks. 


(Naomi Marchuk)

By far, this was the most popular choice. Here is what some of you had to say about the seaside community's charms. 

"Tofino was the first family holiday in several years where everyone was able to be there. My brothers always have such busy summers with all the activities their kids are involved in, but my dad booked the campsites months in advance and told us all just to get there and he'd take care of all the expenses. Camping right on Mackenzie Beach with everyone was magical. This year's trip was also going to be a bit of a honeymoon getaway for us. We just got married on Sunday, but that won't be happening now." — Chandra Phillips

(Chandra Phillips)

"I miss listening to waves crash on Mackenzie Beach, exploring Frank Island for sea stars and hunting for treasures in Combers Beach. I miss Rhino Cafe doughnuts for breakfast, Tacofino for lunch and Wolf in the Fog for dinner. I miss admiring the beautiful works of art in the Roy Henry Vickers Gallery. I miss the slower pace. I miss the calm." — Jenny Birnbaum

To me, Tofino is a restful and healing place. Lush forests, endless beaches, and thundering surf will cleanse the soul in any season. And even better, the rugged little town is full of eclectic stores, fantastic restaurants, and a local brewery and distillery. Tofino's the perfect getaway, even just for a weekend. — Naomi Marchuk

Bowen Island

(Breanna Himmelright)

I first visited Bowen Island as part of an assignment for my journalism class, and I fell in love. I'm fully convinced that I will either live or retire there someday. What makes Bowen Island special, for me, is the feeling of calm you get once you step off the ferry. There's no mega malls, no large chains — every store and café is run by the locals, for the locals. So even if you're only there for a few hours, you automatically feel at home." — Breanna Himmelright


(William Rio Sanchez)

Naramata is a special place to me because my family used to live there before I was born. We always go there in the summers since my grandfather still lives there. Most of my mom's family lives in the Okanagan so it was always nice to see them. I always loved to go boating or tubing on the lake. I also love the landscape — the lake and the cliffs on the lake shore are beautiful. — William Rio Sanchez


(Roger de Anda)

"I guess as a city folk, originally from Mexico City, going out to small towns where nature is closer is great, especially if you don't want to miss the goodies of modern day. So Whistler is a great blend of a nice small town with nature all around, gorgeous mountains, beautiful trails and crystal clear lakes. Adding to this the dining, both high-end and not so much but really good still, always makes it special. Even just the drive on the Sea to Sky Highway is amazing and I often stop at the lookouts if the day is nice." — Roger de Anda

Galiano Island

(Sarah Ruddle)

The kids can be wild things in their natural habitat, and the grownups can drink Gin & Tings on the patio ... their natural habitat. We try to go twice per summer. We rent a place with a hot tub or camp on a friend's property. Then we beach hop, eat and drink our way across the bottom half of the island, and end up at Montague Harbour for the daily sunset show. Glorious! — Sarah Ruddle

Hardy Island, Sunshine Coast

(Andrea Mori)

We visit every year with our extended family, so part of the enjoyment is for my three kids to spend lots of time with their cousins. Another reason is that it is remote, with very limited WiFi, so we spend a week almost entirely offline, exploring, cooking, reading, and playing games. — Andrea Mori


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