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Where are Halloween fireworks legal in Metro Vancouver?

You can't buy them in Surrey, Richmond or in the city of North Vancouver, but fireworks are allowed Halloween night in Vancouver, West Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver.

Most municipal regions in the Lower Mainland have standing bans in place


Fireworks went on sale in the City of Vancouver today only until Halloween night, the only night it is legal to fire them off in the city.

And there are other restrictions in place. To buy them in Vancouver, you have to be over 19 years old and you have to fill out a form for a permit to light them, which you can only do on private property.

But Vancouver's fire chief has argued that even the current restrictions leave too much room for accidents and injuries such as burns and amputations.

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Capt. Gabe Roder also says that on Halloweens where it hasn't rained, fireworks have caused half a million dollars of damage, or more, in a single night.

"If you look at most lots, particularly in the east side of Vancouver, they're just not large enough to discharge fireworks," he said.

Earlier this year, Roder asked the city to consider a bylaw that would end backyard displays, and move them to designated parks, where community groups could apply to host a display.

"Those approved areas would have a designated pyrotechnic expert who has taken the proper courses and that person would be in charge of discharging those fireworks," he said.

City council gave conditional approval to the plan last February, but said the Parks Board should be given an opportunity to provide input into bylaw before it went any further.

The City of Vancouver said it is also looking at looking at expanding the list of days on which fireworks are permitted. Right now, they can only be lit on Halloween but the city is considering allowing fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year, New Year's Eve, Vaisahki and Diwali.

Bans across the Lower Mainland

Because of safety concerns and property damage caused in years past, many municipalities across the Lower Mainland have complete bans on fireworks Halloween.

You can't buy fireworks in Surrey, Richmond or the city of North Vancouver, for example, but fireworks are still allowed in West Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver, Port Moody, Burnaby and Vancouver.

With files from the CBC's Petti Fong and Lisa Johnson


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