Kamloops school district launches traffic study in wake of parent concerns

The area around Westmount Elementary school in north Kamloops is dangerous for students and drivers according to parents. The school district is starting a traffic study next week to find out how to keep kids safe.

Heavy traffic and overcapacity causing safety issues, parents say

Traffic on Walkem Road near Westmount Elementary in Kamloops is bumper-to-bumper in the mornings and after school. (Leanna Wereley)

Parents at a Kamloops elementary school are worried traffic congestion at the main drop-off spot in front of the school is unsafe for students and drivers.

Westmount Elementary school's single access, Walkem Road, has heavy traffic creating "extremely dangerous" conditions for hundreds of students on their way to and from school.

 "I think we need to look at ways to improve safety," said parent Neil Duff. "We've had a number of incidents with students, a near-miss recently where a student almost got hit by a car in the Walkem area."

"The situation is extremely dangerous, especially at this time of the year because the roads are icy and slippery," said fellow parent Leanna Wereley.

"We've paid people to stand and push the crosswalk button to stop traffic," Duff said, adding that a set of lights may be the answer.

Traffic study to begin next week

The school district is aware of the issue and is launching a traffic study mid-February.

"The volume along that road is significant," said superintendent Alison Sidow.

Bumper-to-bumper cars on Walkem Road in north Kamloops. (Leanna Wereley)

Duff and Wereley said overcrowding at the school is part of the problem. 

"[It] leads to too many parents dropping off, too many issues on the roads," Wereley said.​

With files from Daybreak Kamloops

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