British Columbia

Water advisories issued for Shuswap after 2 separate fuel spills

Interior Health is advising residents be cautious, but have not confirmed whether fuel has entered community water sources.

Interior Health has not confirmed whether fuel has entered community water sources

On Monday afternoon a diesel-fueled tug boat sank in Shuswap Lake. The next day, a tanker truck crashed on Mable Lake road near Shuswap River. (Laurel Neufeld)

Water advisories have been issued for the areas surrounding Shuswap River and Shuswap Lake after two unrelated incidents spilled gasoline and diesel in the area.

On Tuesday evening a tanker truck crashed on Mable Lake road east of Enderby, spilling almost 4,100 litres of gasoline and 12,500 litres of diesel into a flooded field next to the Shuswap River. 

In a release, Interior Health said it is not yet clear whether fuel got into the river.

"Interior Health has contacted community water system operators in Enderby and Grinrod," it read in part.

"Both systems draw water from the river and the operators are taking steps to ensure their water users are protected."

On Monday afternoon a diesel-fuelled tug boat sunk off of Ruckell Point in Shuswap Lake.

Interior Health issued a release stating the sunken vessel contained approximately 4,000 litres of diesel fuel, and that a small amount could be seen on the lake.

Residents of St. Ives, the closest community located to the spill zone, are advised to check their water for a surface sheen or smell of diesel before drinking or bathing in it.

That community, located about 10 kilometres southwest of where the tug sank, does not use the lake as a water source.


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