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Ex-VPD detective denies sexual abuse of multiple girls and young women

James Fisher addressed the allegations against him in two court documents filed last week in response to civil suits from two women who say he sexually assaulted and intimidated them.

James Fisher files responses to legal claims from 2 women who allege he sexually assaulted them

Former detective James Fisher was sentenced to jail time after pleading guilty to breach of trust and sexual exploitation. (Government of British Columbia)

A disgraced former Vancouver detective is denying that he sexually exploited numerous girls and young women while leading an investigation into sex traffickers.

James Fisher addressed the allegations against him in court documents filed last week in response to civil suits from two women who say he sexually assaulted and intimidated them after they'd already been abused by the violent pimp, Reza Moazami.

"Mr. Fisher denies that he cultivated a relationship of a sexual, romantic and psychological intimacy with the plaintiff or that he had or used a position of trust, power or authority over the plaintiff to sexually and psychologically exploit her," the former officer writes in both responses to the women's claims.

Fisher is asking for both lawsuits to be dismissed.

The women, known as F.A. and F.B. in the claims filed in B.C. Supreme Court last month, are seeking damages for a range of alleged harms, including psychological injury and loss of trust in the police. The City of Vancouver and the B.C. government are also named as defendants.

The city filed responses to the claims last week, claiming it is not liable for Fisher's alleged actions or the alleged damages he caused.

None of the allegations in either the claims or the responses have been proven in court.

Claims of multiple victims

Fisher has already been convicted of breach of trust and sexual exploitation for kissing two other victims of the sex trade. He was sentenced to 20 months in jail for those crimes.

The claims from F.A. and F.B. allege Fisher abused numerous victims and witnesses in Moazami's trial, as well as victims and witnesses in other sexual exploitation cases, including those connected to the prosecution of Michael Bannon, another convicted pimp.

Reza Moazami is appealing his convictions for running an underage prostitution ring. (CBC)

Fisher's responses deny those allegations, but he acknowledges he was, at one point, criminally charged with offences against F.A. Those charges were stayed when he pleaded guilty to the breach of trust and sexual exploitation charges.

But civil court isn't the only place where Fisher has been accused of sexual misconduct involving numerous other young women and girls.

Moazami has made similar allegations at the B.C. Court of Appeal, where he is currently appealing his convictions on dozens of criminal counts. He alleges that Fisher had sexual contact with six of 11 victims and a key witness before, during and after his trial.

Moazami has also alleged that Fisher encouraged the young women to lie in court. He's suggesting the former officer's actions interfered with his right to a fair trial.

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