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Volunteers tasked with cleaning hundreds of cigarette butts off beach

The Vancouver chapter of the international Surfrider Foundation has come to chat with Gloria Macarenko about how to keep our beaches clean.

The Surfriders say cigarette butts are easily the most common trash found on beaches

The Surfriders Foundation organizes clean ups of our coastal beaches 3:48

​Just under 9,000 cigarette butts were found on Vancouver beaches in 2014. The organization that has made it its goal to clean all of them up is one fully comprised of surfing volunteers.

"Beaches are one of those places that people to go to relax," Nataliya Volikhovska, a member of the organization, told Our Vancouver's Gloria Macarenko.  "Our mandate is to protect where you play."

Watch the video to hear Volikhovska and Macarenko discuss the organization's work and learn how it will be featured in a new Science World exhibit.

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