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VIDEO | Is tsunami debris from Japan reaching B.C.?

Some people on the west coast of Vancouver Island believe they'e starting to see the leading edge of a debris field from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March, as the CBC's Alan Waterman reports.

No proof yet that flotsam is related to March quake and tsunami

Tsunami debris


9 years ago
Plastic bottles and bits of lumber washing up on Vancouver Island may be from the Japanese tsunami 1:53

Some residents of the west coast of Vanouver island believe they are starting to see debris from the devastating Japanese tsunami in March.

Plastic water bottles with Japanese labels and pieces of wood have come ashore near Tofino, possibly precursors of the massive amount of debris predicted to be shifted by ocean currents and hit the same shores in 2014.

There's no scientific proof that the flotsam found so far is related to the March 11 disaster in northern Japan, which killed about 26,000 people, flattened small cities, and unleashed radioactivity from ruined nuclear power plants.

But associated directly with the tsunami or not, the debris is a warning of what's to come, as the CBC's Alan Waterman reports.