British Columbia

Victoria's Gorge waterway needs cleanup after barge full of scrap cars tips

More than 50 cars spilled into Victoria's Gorge Waterway Friday afternoon after a barge filled with crushed vehicles tipped and listed on its side.

A toppled crane appears to have caused the accident

A barge dumped more than 50 cars in Victoria's Gorge Friday afternoon after the vessel tipped and was partially submerged. (Jean Paetkau)

A barge carrying scrap vehicles tipped in Victoria's Gorge Waterway Friday, sending more than 50 cars spilling into the water.

The accident occurred when a crane that was loading cars onto the barge apparently tipped, causing the barge to list badly, said Katie Hamilton, a spokeswoman for the city of Victoria.

No one was injured in the accident, but the dramatic spectacle was shared by Twitter users.

"It looks to be a crane that maybe fell off the barge. It was unloading . . . wrecked cars," Hamilton said.

"The reports here are anywhere from 50 to 100 cars in the Gorge Waterway, which is our upper harbour. It's alongside an industrial area where . . . they break down cars at a steel site there."

Hamilton said a WorkSafeBC investigation has begun and the Ministry of Environment will likely oversee the cleanup.


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