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Victoria police seize guns, drugs, stolen goods

Victoria Police have seized guns, drugs and stolen goods in what the force calls one of the largest property seizures in the department's history.

52-year-old woman arrested in what police call one of largest seizures in department's history

Officers found four guns inside the Esquimalt home. (VicPD)

Victoria Police have seized guns, drugs and stolen goods in what the force calls one of the largest property seizures in its history.

Officers with the Crime Reduction Unit found the items while executing a search warrant at a home on Admirals Road in Esquimalt.

They discovered four guns and $50,000 worth of drugs in the home — including quantities of heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl.

Shipping containers full of stolen property were also found at the property in Esquimalt. (VicPD)

The investigation began in August and involved an Esquimalt woman believed to have ties to a street gang called the Nortenos, Victoria Police said.

"It's a street gang that has some associates here in Victoria," said Const. Matt Rutherford.

"There's been people that have been arrested in the past that have some association to that street gang."

Thousands of stolen items were also found in the home and in storage lockers and vehicles on the property.

Thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods were found in the Esquimalt home. (VicPD)

"They believe that a lot of the stuff that was stolen was obtained through shoplifting and theft from vehicles and break and enters," Rutherford said.

Some of the stolen items were traced back to a theft in 2004 — including a diary written in 1939.

Investigators were able to return the diary to a family member, Rutherford said.

A 52-year-old Esquimalt woman was arrested and faces a number of charges in connection with the guns, drugs and stolen property.

A diary that dates back to 1939 was found among stolen goods in an Esquimalt home. It has been returned to family members. (VicPD)