Vote now for Metro Vancouver's Unofficial Ambassador: Round of 32

Rogen, Reynolds, Bublé? Or one of 28 others? We want you to determine who the region's favourite representative is.

You've eliminated half the field — now the tougher matchups begin in earnest

Michael J. Fox vs. Bryan Adams, Christine Sinclair vs. Rick Hansen and David Suzuki vs. Sarah McLachlan are three of the high-profile matchups in the second round. (Composite/Canadian Press and Associated Press)

Things we learned after thousands of people eliminated 32 candidates from our bracket to determine the 604 area code's favourite child: 

  • Your favourite child may, in fact, be a crow. Canuck, the famed bird known for his interesting interactions with local citizens, crushed Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson in the biggest upset of the first round. He actually gained the most votes of any of the 32 victors, though we suspect the mayor's pre-emptive concession may have had something to do with it. 
  • Being rich doesn't mean an automatic victory. Robertson was the only #1 seed to go down in the first round, but Lululemon founder Chip Wilson went down to local artists Stan Douglas, while the Canuck-owning Aquilini family lost to VanCity CEO Tamara Vrooman. Were those upsets due to the popularity of Douglas and Vrooman, or antipathy to Wilson and Aquilini? These are the existential​ questions this bracket will answer. 

Now we come to the second round. The fringe candidates have mostly been eliminated, and we're left mostly with people who have been loved in Metro Vancouver and known further afield for years, if not decades. 

Time to determine who makes it to the Sweet Sixteen. 

(Voting for the first round closes at 11:59 p.m. PT Sunday. If you're viewing this through a Google AMP page, click here so you're able to vote) 

Celebrities Over 40 bracket

With 88.5 per cent of the vote in his match against Carrie-Anne Moss, the man who has "VanCity" in his Twitter handle showed why he is a prohibitive favourite in this race. But Brent Butt, who defeated the New Pornographers to advance, is no slouch himself.  

The Burnaby Back to the Future star against the North Shore international rock sensation! If this was 1991 we would have our final right here. But it's not 1991, because of the average price of a Greater Vancouver home is no longer $265,000 — but this is still an incredibly tough second round battle.

Crooning versus... whatever the sound is when 50 people in a bar are screaming Home For A Rest

Suzuki may be politically divisive at this point in his lengthy career as an environmental advocate, but does that impact his standing in Vancouver itself? 

If so, we'll likely be saying I Will Remember You to McLachlan after this round — if not, she'll continue an Angel-like ascendence through the bracket. 

Art and Business bracket

It's Bob Rennie, the King of Condos, against the King of Expo 86, Used Cars, Electronic Billboards, Fisheries, Grocery Stores, and like 90 other things Jimmy Pattison — long the richest man in B.C. — has been involved in during his career.   

Brutalism meets social media, in a matchup between famed architect Erickson and Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes. 

The impact Bill Reid's art has had in Vancouver and beyond is well established, but he'll have to advance past Stan Douglas, whose exhibits blending photography and videos continue to garner acclaim throughout the world. 

If Doug Coupland wins, he'll face the winner of Douglas/Reid for a battle of artists that is impossible to predict. But first, he'll need to get more votes than Vrooman, the VanCity CEO long considered one of the city's leading executives. 

Celebrities 40 And Under Bracket

The Property Brothers are very famous and very ubiquitous, but they will be in a tough fight against Seth Rogen, who took time to celebrate his newfound status as Canada's Voice of Transit this week on The Tonight Show


We won't lie — this bracket was set up for a Jacob Tremblay/Finn Wolfhard, "Battle Of The Child Stars" test, but Lord Byng graduate Cobie Smulders upset the Room star to advance to this faceoff against Wolfhard. 

Speaking of upsets! Hayden Christensen hasn't been a high-profile actor since his Star Wars films, but smoothly crushed critically-acclaimed Grimes in the first round for reasons we can only speculate. But he might face a rougher race against Coco Rocha, an international model raised in Richmond. 

A product of Argyle Secondary and Capilano University, Godfrey Gao defeated fellow international star Neeru Bajwa last round — a matchup that, perhaps unsurprisingly, garnered the least amount of votes in the first round — but now faces a tougher test in the Mission-born and raised Carly Rae Jepsen. 

Athletes and Local Icons bracket 

Here's the thing about Mayor Robertson telling people to defeat him and vote for Canuck the Crow: it's a smart political play.

See, not only does Robertson appear gracious in defeat, but if his endorsement helps Canuck advance in further rounds, then it looks like the mayor lost to the people's choice instead of seeming unpopular at the end of his term. 

Anyway, Vikram Vij has delighted thousands with his Indian cuisine for years in Vancouver, his last name becoming synonymous with long lineups and great food. But has he ever flown away with a knife from a crime scene

The most acclaimed soccer player Canada has arguably ever produced, or a man whose humanitarian work is known the world over? We didn't say this bracket would be easy.  

Gabor Maté defeated Nardwuar in what was probably the oddest matchup of the first round, but the physician now faces a considerably tougher test against Trevor Linden. 

Look, we know Steve Nash is not from Vancouver, raised in Vancouver, or has spent much time in Vancouver. The Victoria native won a play-in bracket against everyone else from Vancouver Island to get here, and that's nice.

He probably loses to the Sedins in this faceoff, because 20 years of being outstanding ambassadors for the local sports team probably trumps being a nice person from a nearby town with a bunch of fitness clubs he may or may not want his name on

And if that happens? We probably have a Linden-Sedins in the next round, but that won't take place until Monday. 


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