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Vancouver timelapse shows the best of the city from sunset to sunrise

When not covering breaking news, CBC's overnight reporter Gian-Paolo Mendoza captured thousands of images, including the northern lights over the mountains and dense fog across the city skyline.

CBC overnight reporter Gian-Paolo Mendoza took thousands of pictures this year

Vancouver timelapse shows the best of the city

4 years ago
CBC's overnight reporter, Gian-Paolo Mendoza, catches everything from northern lights over the mountains to calm across the city's beaches. 2:04

If you follow CBC Vancouver, you know that we're covering the news 24/7 — but in between breaking stories, our overnight journalists catch city views few are awake to see. 

Video journalist Gian-Paolo Mendoza covers Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland in the wee hours of the morning, capturing everything from the northern lights galloping over the mountains to fog billowing through the city.

The timelapse is made up of thousands of images taken overnight this past year. Lee Rosevere of CBC's The Early Edition also provided music for the video.

"This job usually puts you face-to-face with a lot of bad news, but what people probably don't know is that there's a ton of peaceful moments as well, which I tried my best to capture here," Mendoza said.

Watch the full timelapse above and catch a few clips below: