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Vancouver students skip school for climate change

Friday’s march was inspired by the global, youth-led, Climate Strike movement and saw thousands take to the streets of downtown Vancouver in protest of government inaction on climate change.

The march is part of a global student-led movement

Hundreds of students walked out of classes Friday afternoon, holding homemade signs and chanting. ((Evan Mitsui/CBC))

Hundred of students in Vancouver skipped school and took to the streets on Friday, inspired by the global Climate Strike movement to draw attention to a threat to their futures.

The students crowded Vancouver’s streets to raise awareness about climate change and to call on governments to do something about it. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

The global Climate Strike movement inspired hundreds of students to take to the streets of downtown Vancouver to draw attention to climate change's threat to their futures.

Environmental activist David Suzuki participated in the student-led protest. ((Evan Mitsui/CBC))
Protesters called out government inaction on climate change. ((Evan Mitsui/CBC))

The march started with a rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery plaza in downtown Vancouver. The demonstrators were given instructions on the chants they would be using before heading out to walk around the city's core.

The students made it clear they see climate change as a threat to their futures. ((Evan Mitsui/CBC))

The event featured a speech by environmental activist David Suzuki but most of those in attendance are still too young to vote.

The protesters aimed their message squarely at politicians and made their voices heard with homemade signs and chants. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Climate strikes began in Sweden

Friday's march in Vancouver was part of a global youth movement inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg who, after record heat waves and wildfires, sat outside parliament in Stockholm for two weeks protesting government inaction on climate change.

Similar marches were held across the province and throughout the country.

Vancouver's student protest is part of a larger global movement. ((Evan Mitsui/CBC))

The last youth climate strike took place in March and another is expected to be held on Sept. 27.