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#VancouverSnowStorm2020 captures the highs and lows of a coastal snow day

The Twitter hashtag is a portal into the shenanigans that our fair coastal city has endured throughout this chaotic week.

Let's recap some of the finest moments on the Twitter hashtag

A child, free from school, toboggans on a closed street in East Vancouver after a heavy snowfall on Jan. 15, 2020. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

When it snows in Vancouver, what's the first thing we do?

It's not getting snow tires, clearing our sidewalks or plowing our streets.

No, it's tweeting.

The Twitter hashtag #VancouverSnowStorm2020 is a portal into the shenanigans that our fair coastal city has endured throughout this chaotic week.

The name alone points to our flair for theatrics. Fifteen centimetres of snow and -5 C weather, you say? Snow. Storm. 2020. 

Let's look back at some of the finest moments.

Who needs a shovel in Vancouver when you can use, er, a folding chair?

Twitter: the best place to grumble about transit

In case you were wondering why your bus was late

The next best commuting option: cross-country skiing

There are angels walking among us

We worked out all summer for this moment

Take us back to Christmas, when Vancouver was but merely a moderate oceanic climate.

Extremely necessary animal snow content

Vancouver police officers are settling bets by throwing snow on each other's faces. Alright. 

Of course, we forgot how to drive.

This hashtag is a space for surprisingly nuanced insights.

A place of introspection.

And a forum to revive a classic debate.


Well, that was fun. See you all again Thursday for Snowmaggedon Round Two.


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