Vancouver searches for new city bird

The City of Vancouver is once again on the look out to find its next official city bird.

Peregrine Falcon, Barn Owl, Western Grebe, and the Barn Swallow are vying for the title of City bird 2016

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      The City of Vancouver announced its four candidates vying for the title of official bird, 2016: The Peregrine Falcon, Barn Owl, Western Grebe, and the Barn Swallow.

      "We decided to go for the rare gems here in the city," Rob Butler, the chair of the Vancouver bird advisory council told On the Coast's Stephen Quinn. The competition aims to educate locals on the importance of birds in and around the city, Butler said.

      Reigning champion flying high

      Last year the Black-capped Chickadee was crowned as the official city bird in a competition which saw more than 700,000 votes cast. According to Butler, it has already been representing the city well.

      "We're using it on all kinds of decals around the city. It was really just to get people interested in birds and talking about birds around the city. They're certainly doing that."

      This year's competition is once again online. Click here to vote for Vancouver's next city bird.