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Vancouver composer recruits screamers for novelty choir

Composer Bob Smart looks for a few good screamers to put together a scream choir that will perform around the city in July.

'The ideal screamer is someone who can scream in tune,' says composer Bob Smart

Have a talent for screaming, er, in tune? This is the choir you've been looking for. (Shutterstock)

Vancouver composer Bob Smart has been given a very interesting mission: put together a choir of screamers.

What does that mean?

Well, instead of singing a masterpiece, his choir will scream it.

Smart has been commissioned to create the group for a project for Vancouver's Playland.

"I don't know why, but I'm the guy [to do it]," Smart said.

Although he says this is the most difficult and "craziest thing" he's been asked to do, it's not the first time he's been asked to do something ridiculous.

"I've been tasked with making a pop song out of frogs, an orchestra of car horns, songs made out of dolphins and seals, even one that I won an award for was with a sex toy playing All by Myself on a vibrator."

Smart is currently at the recruitment stage.

"The ideal screamer is someone who can scream in tune," he said.

He admits harmony might not be possible for the choir as screaming generally has far more tones than a clear, single sung note.

"But I'd like to have it so you can recognize what we're screaming rather than sounding just like a bunch of people screaming," he said.

"I'm thinking [the screaming] will be done mostly in unison and take the choir into two or three parts so that they don't have to constantly scream because you'll fatigue really quick."

Talented screamers can submit an audition tape until Sunday, June 18. Rehearsals and a public performance are scheduled for July.

Listen to the interview with Bob Smart on CBC's The Early Edition: