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Spreading the love: Pride parade lights up Vancouver's West End

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marched in the parade that celebrates tolerance and inclusiveness with a high-octane party.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marched in parade that celebrates tolerance, inclusiveness

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walks in the parade between his wife Sophie Gregoire, left, and Vancouver’s Mayor Kennedy Stewart, right. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Sunday's Vancouver Pride Parade attracted thousands who gathered to celebrate and support the LGBTQ community.

Thousands of people lined the streets to watch the parade in Vancouver’s West End on Sunday. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Free hugs

Silver Thompson wears a 'Free Mom Hugs' t-shirt. She says people hugged her all day and that one person even cried on her shoulder. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
A member of PFLAG, which unites families with LGBTQ children, wears a 'Dad hugs' shirt at Vancouver's 2019 Pride parade. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Political pride

Jagmeet Singh, the federal leader of the NDP, led supporters in the parade, but also marched with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
Jody Wilson-Raybould, Independent MP for Vancouver Granville, poses for a photograph with a member of Vancouver Fire Fighters Local 18. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
Orene Askew, one of the Pride parade's grand marshals, waves to the crowds. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
Justin Trudeau waves a Canadian rainbow flag at the corner of Robson and Denman streets. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Get wet

It was hot on Sunday and there was plenty of water being sprayed to keep people cool during Vancouver's Pride parade. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
Near Nelson and Denman streets, the Thompson family and their friends continue a 10-year tradition of starting water fights at the Pride parade. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Dressed to thrill

There was no shortage of fabulous displays of fashion and flair at Vancouver's 2019 Pride parade. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
A member of the Telus Share Love group wears a large peacock costume. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
A reveller at the 2019 Vancouver Pride parade wears a full-body checkered suit and sits on a Telus vehicle under a Pride flag. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
A Celebrities night club dancer waves a rainbow scarf. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
Members of Vancouver's Pups and Handlers walk in the parade. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

'Still fighting'

The Pride community spread its messages of acceptance and tolerance. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
This year's theme was 50 Years and Still Fighting, which marks the partial decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada and the Stonewall uprising of 1969 in New York City. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
Love and laughter filled the streets of Vancouver’s West End from noon until around 3p.m. when the parade ended at Sunset Beach. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)