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Vancouver royal blogger anticipates about what Kate does in Canada

Blogger Amanada Dishaw's What would Kate do? blog is popular showcase of the Duchess of Cambridge's style and etiquette. Dishaw believes Kate Middleton is a good role model and a wonderful example to all people but especially young women.

Vancouvers' Amanda Dishaw prepared for a dream-come-true royal visit

Amanda Dishaw of "What Would Kate Do?" 6:37

'What would Kate do... in the rain?

That's one of the latest entries in a successful blog dedicated to the life and style of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Vancouer's Amanda Dishaw and her online friend Christine O'Brien of Washington D.C. started What Would Kate Do? in 2012.

Dishaw says at that time Kate really started to come into her own as a member of the royal family as she took on her own patronage and became more involved in public life.

Dishaw started the blog because she noticed people became more interested in the charity work Kate was doing.

Role Model

Both bloggers say they identify much more with Kate than they do with celebrities Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift. 

"She spoke to a lot of women who were looking for a role model. She is very fashionable, she has that great fashion sense but they were looking for more. They were looking for things like — what do I do with my free time — what causes do I take on?" said Dishaw.

Kensington Palace has confirmed that Prince William and his wife, Kate, shown here in October 2015, will be bringing their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte with them on a week-long tour of B.C. and the Yukon, starting Sept. 24. (Chris Jeff/Associated Press )

Four years later, the website gets between 50,000 to 100,000 unique visitors per month, according to its founders.

Dishaw says she has hit the jackpot living in B.C. at a time when Kate, Prince William and their two children will visit. 

​"It's one of the first times we'll have two future kings in British Columbia — so it's really exciting."

Comparisons with Princess Diana

When asked about how similar Kate is to her deceased mother-in-law Princess Diana, Dishaw says she believes that the Duchess is prepared for her role. 

"They've taken a lot of time to figure out if this is something that she really wanted to do, to live with a level of scrutiny all her life," she said.

"Hopefully William has been able to coach her through much of royal life and we'll see two very different outcomes for two very similar women."

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