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Vancouver Public Library launches Battle of the Funny Books

The Vancouver Public Library is launching a Survivor-style Battle of the Funny Books to keeps interested in reading over the summer holidays.

Summer reading program has kids voting off books to find the funniest read

The Vancouver Public Library is launching the Battle of the Funny Books where kids and their parents get to vote in a Survivor-style type elimination until there is only one funny book left standing. (Vancouver Public Library)

The Vancouver Public Library is launching a Survivor-style Battle of the Funny Books to keeps kids interested in reading over the summer holidays.

'CanCaptain Underpants defeat theStinky Cheese Man?'- VPL Battle of the Books

The competition is part of the library's 2014 summer reading club.

The VPL says it's an "epic battle of the silliest books you've ever seen."

Julie Iannacone, VPL Manager, Services for Children and Teens dropped in to CBC's On the Coast Thursday to talk about the program with host Stephen Quinn.

She says their children's librarians came up with the idea and have selected books that have been "kid tested."

The Vancouver Public Library's Battle of the Funny Books is a competition among 16 books chosen by children's librarians based on feedback from other kids. (Vancouver Public Library)

"Kids are good at telling us what’s funny and what’s not, so that’s really where we started," said Iannacone.

"It's a great way for kids to spend time over the summer and learn how to read. The Battle of the Books helps maintain their reading skills."

Iannacone says even though kids can be distracted by technology, the library's Summer Reading Club still draws them in.

"Some kids like the reading record, writing down what they’ve read. It’s kind of the collector thing," she said.

"Other kids love the chance to earn medals, so they’re kind of competing with themselves to read for 15 minutes over 50 days during the course of the summer."

"So yeah we’re still getting kids in and I think there’s room for the video games and the outdoor fun, and you know, time at the pool and the books."

Iannacone says the Battle of the Books is a good opportunity for children and parents to connect over their favourite children's books, new and old.

Can Captain Underpants defeat the Stinky Cheese Man? Who will take on the Rhyming Dust Bunnies? You and your children get to decide, says Iannacone.

The battle is on all summer until August 1 and kids who read the books can participate in an online vote or attend the library in person.

With files from CBC's On the Coast


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