British Columbia

Vancouver police unveil new eTicketing technology

Officers can now issues traffic tickets directly to motorists roadside, simply by swiping a driver's license.

20 patrol cars and 10 motorcycles are already outfitted with the new technology

VPD Const. John Kim demonstrates the new roadside eTicketing technology. (Tristan Le Rudulier/CBC)

Vancouver police are unveiling new technology that will speed up the time it takes for officers to issue traffic tickets.

The force's new e-Ticketing equipment allows officers to fill out violation tickets by simply swiping a driver's license.

The tickets can get printed roadside and the information is shared directly with ICBC.

An officer prints out a sample ticket using the new eTicketing program. (Tristan Le Rudulier/CBC)

"We have outfitted 20 VPD patrol cars and ten motorcycles with the eTicketing technology," said VPD Superintendent Steve Eely, in a statement.

"The new streamlined system should speed up the ticketing process and decrease the number of cancelled tickets due to administrative errors."

Anyone who receives an eTicket can pay online at the PayBC website.

The Delta Police Department was the first of five police agencies to start testing the eTicket system in early March.