British Columbia

Flipout Pinball Expo comes to Vancouver

The Vancouver Flipout Pinball Expo takes place September 23-25 at the Holiday Inn and Suites on Howe Street.

Hundreds of pinball games on hand including Hercules — the biggest pinball machine ever made

A view from the flippers of a retired pinball machine. (Cory Correia/CBC )

The Vancouver FlipOut Pinball Expo takes place September 23 to 25 at the Holiday Inn and Suites on Howe Street. 

More than 100 classic and state of the art pinball machines are on hand for visitors to play. 

More pinball machines than players at the Vancouver Flipout Pinball Expo. (Cory Correia/CBC News)

Some of the top attractions include the 1978 KISS unit, the new Game of Thrones machine, and Hercules: the largest pinball machine ever made.

The Expo will feature amateur and competitive tournaments, as well as guest speakers. 

"Dirty" Donny Gillies stands next to the Metallica pinball machine he helped create. (Cory Correia/CBC News)
Players sample the different free machines. (Cory Correia/CBC News)