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Vancouver photographer's 'imperfect' Royal photo makes for perfect internet fodder

Getty Images photographer Andrew Chin thought it was 'hilarious' to see his innocent photo shared around the world with saucy suggestions.

Who captured original viral photo of coy-looking Kate?

Andrew Chin's photo of (L-R) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge's arrival at the Immigrant Services Society of B.C. on September 25, 2016 in Vancouver, B.C. (Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

A Vancouver photographer assigned to the Royal tour is getting a chuckle out of the suggestive spin placed on one of his images showing an encounter between the Duchess of Cambridge and Canada's Prime Minister.

On Thursday, Andrew Chin with Getty Images described one of the interpretations of his photo of Justin Trudeau greeting a coy-looking Kate, "hilarious."

"The face you make when you're married to a prince but you meet Justin Trudeau," reads a post by Robert Pictou, suggesting Kate may have been hit by Trudeaumania.

Chin initially believed the photo in the meme was his, but on Saturday, upon closer examination, he realized he didn't capture the image in Pictou's post — and he doesn't know who did.

Chin contacted CBC to point out the inadvertent error.

Regardless, media outlets around the world such as Us Weekly and New York Magazine have continued to use Chin's photo — captioned with the flirty tone — likely because Pictou's post seems to have struck a chord.

It's been shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook alone.

This meme created by Mtl Blog has been shared more than 9,800 times based on an initial post by Robert Pictou which has been shared more than 85,000 times. Unlike Chin's photo, there is a man seen standing in the background, between the royal couple. (Mtl Blog/Facebook)

Chin said when he took the photo on September 25 outside the entrance of the Immigrant Services Society of B.C., it was an "innocent" moment but Kate happened to brush away her hair mid-conversation with Trudeau.

"I actually didn't want to send this photo out to the world but I thought, hey it was cute," said the photographer who called his photo technically imperfect.

It came as a surprise to him Thursday morning to see his photo shared so widely online.

"I think it's really hilarious, it's just funny," he said about the creative captions.

Photographer Andrew Chin scrambled to release more photos associated with his viral hit the day after he filed his initial photos. This photo was captured moments later showing an equally expressive Kate but, with her attention focused this time on Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. (Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

Chin said he didn't even think he had a productive shoot that day.

"I was looking for the perfect moment between Kate and Prince William, but it so happens this ended up being the shot around the world."

This whole ordeal has taught the self-professed "picky" photographer a lesson: it's not just about lighting, technical issues, and composition — even an "accidental" photo can end up being a hit.

"When I'm shooting ... you want everything to be perfect and polished but sometimes in moments like this, it's very difficult and you have to capture what is an interesting moment."


Lien Yeung


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