British Columbia

Biker arrested after 15 motorcyclists swarm car on B.C. highway

Witnesses says a group of motorcyclists swarmed a vehicle, forced the driver off Highway 1, then threatened the driver before speeding away from the scene late Thursday evening. One rider was later arrested and released.

30-year-old was arrested in Squamish after witnesses say he pulled driver from car and made threats

West Vancouver police said there is no clear motive for the swarming incident. (

West Vancouver police say a 30-year-old Vancouver man is facing possible charges after he and a group of motorcyclists allegedly swarmed a vehicle on Highway 1 on Thursday evening.

Const. Kevin Goodmurphy said officers responded to multiple 911 calls just after 7 p.m. about a confrontation near the Caulfeild exit between a driver and the group, who had been heading westbound.

Witnesses told police they saw the motorcycles swarm the vehicle and force the driver to slow down to a stop on the side of the highway. 

"Once the vehicle was stopped, one of the motorcyclists approached the driver's side door of the vehicle, opened it forcefully, and aggressively grabbed the driver from the driver's seat and began making threatening remarks toward the driver," said Goodmurphy.

Goodmurphy said by the time officers arrived, the motorcyclists had already left the scene heading northbound on Highway 99. Squamish RCMP were able to locate the group along Highway 99 near Valley Drive, where the Vancouver man was arrested.

"This person is believed to have been the primary aggressor in this incident, which is why he was arrested and later released," said Goodmurphy.

Police say there is no clear motive for the swarming.

Charges against the man have not yet been made.

Goodmurphy said West Vancouver police are still hoping for more information from witnesses.

"If we gather further information from any other witnesses there may be other charges that could be considered, but at this point in time we don't have any information that would allow us to do that."

Anyone with information is asked to call West Vancouver police at 604-925-7300.