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Vancouver mom lists unique summer camp ideas

Christine Pilkington is a firm believer in getting urban children into summer camps, especially wilderness activities and sleep away adventures.

Blogger and mother Christine Pilkington highlights Lower Mainland camps

The camps range from skateboarding to biking, to cooking. (

It can seem daunting to keep kids off screens and entertained when school is out. 

Christine Pilkington, a local parenting expert and founder of the blog,, pointed to some of the challenges around vacation like the need for extra childcare and keeping children away from the television.  

"You can get stuck in this urban environment — kids are on screens quite a bit," Pilkington said.

"To actually get them out of that place, put them into the outdoors to experience nature ... it just yields dividends for their mental and physical health in the future"

She recently released an annual list of summer camp suggestions for parents. Her suggestions range from the more typical ones of arts or music to the perfect camp for a gamer-fan, opera-lover or budding knight.   

Watch the Our Vancouver segment below to hear some of her favourites:

Christine Pilkington suggests camps to inspire all kinds of kids 5:53

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