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Vancouver matchmaking app doesn't need you

Bernie A.I. APP learns how a person talks, and what people they find attractive and uses that to go on Tinder and other sites to start an introductory conversation — all on the user's behalf.

Bernie A.I. app learns how a person talks and what people they find attractive and uses that to find matches

Justin Long is a Vancouver computer programmer who developed the app Bernie A.I., which acts as a computerized dating assistant. (Justin Long)

Tired of looking through online dating profiles, being rejected and sending out messages that are never returned?

Now there's an app for that.

A Vancouver computer programmer has developed an app that learns how a person talks and what people they find attractive and then goes onto dating websites to find matches and start conversations — all on that user's behalf.

"It learns your personal preferences, and it also learns how to talk like you," said Justin Long, who has developed an app called Bernie A.I.

"Bernie actually learns who you find attractive based on which photos you might say yes or no to, and it will go out on these dating websites like Tinder, or Bumble, or Happn and try to match with them," Long said.

"Once it does match with them, it starts a conversation with them, and it gauges whether they're actually interested in you or not you."

Fighting online dating fatigue

Long said the app helps users to end up "talking to that one person who's really interested in talking back to you and is really interested in you yourself."

He said he wanted to create this app because he found that online dating could get exhausting over time.

The interface of the Bernie A.I. app (Justin Long)

"Not only do you have so many people to talk to, you have so many people to also reject you or not talk to you, and it turns into more of a process than an experience," he said.

Long said the app learns who a user finds attractive based on photographs of other people they say yes to on dating websites, learns how the user usually speaks, and then collates all that information.

Artificial conversation?

He said that when the app starts a conversation it is just "introductory."

"At the end of the day it's up to the person to have that one-on-one conversation, that one-one-one experience. We don't want to take away that part of dating," he said.

He said that it is possible that two Bernie AI users could engage in a conversation, but doesn't see it as being a non-human conversation.

"Bernie learns how to talk like you … so this is where I think the human aspect of it it still there.

"We're about going to that human part where you're actually having a good solid conversation with someone who's interested in you."

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