British Columbia

Vancouver man faces bestiality charge

A Vancouver man is set to go to trial for bestiality, a charge that is rarely prosecuted in the courts.

Warning: This story contains graphic content and may offend some people

A Vancouver man is set to go to trial for bestiality, a charge that is rarely prosecuted in the courts.

The SPCA alleges it has seized video of Brian Cutteridge, 38, engaged in sexual acts with his dog.

"The B.C. SPCA first started investigating this case back in 2010 when we received some information that this individual was sexually interacting with his dogs, which is illegal in Canada," said SPCA spokesperson Marcie Moriarty.

Cutteridge has argued openly against bestiality laws and has written extensively about sexual relationships with animals. Two years ago he published a paper called For the Love of Dog: On the Legal Prohibition of Zoophilia in Canada and the United States.

"He feels very strongly that that should be something that's legal," Moriarty said. "He feels those relationship with his dogs are equivalent to a marriage-type relationship and that's not the case in Canada, thank goodness, and it can impact the welfare of the animals."

Cutteridge's dogs are in the custody of the SPCA.

The B.C. SPCA is asking veterinarians to come forward if they suspect owners are engaging in sexual acts with their pets.

Cutteridge is expected to appear in B.C. Supreme Court on March 14 to set a trial date.