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Vancouver city councillors vote themselves a 12.6 % pay raise

Vancouver city council has voted itself a 12.6 per cent pay hike, raising the annual wage of a council member by $8,900 to just over $80,000 per year.

Motion that passed quietly Feb. 24 includes many other bonuses for council and park board

Vancouver city councillors have voted themselves a 12.6 per cent pay raise and other financial supplements. (Another Believer/Wikimedia Commons)

Vancouver city council has voted itself a 12.6 per cent pay hike, raising the annual wage of a council member by $8,900 to just over $80,000 per year.

The raise is just one part of a motion brought forward by Green Party councillor Adriane Carr that passed in an evening council session Feb 24, and that will be voted in as a bylaw in April.

The motion also includes:

  • A $3,048 annual supplement for extended health coverage for the mayor and each of the 10 councillors.
  • A $3,048 one-time payment for the mayor and each of the councillors.
  • A $8,968 additional one-time payment for each councillor.
  • ​A one-time payment of approximately $16,500 to acting mayor Raymond Louie for Jan 2015 to April 2016
  • An increase to acting mayor's monthly supplement of approximately $1,050.
  • A $6,000/per year discretionary fund for research support and constituency management functions for each councillor.
  • A doubling of the park board chair annual remuneration to $20,000. 
  • A doubling of the annual remunerations for the six park board commissioners to $16,000 each.
  • A one-time payment of $8,326 to each of the park board commissioners.
  • A one-time payment of $10,407 to the chair of the park board.

​Three councillors — George Affleck, Andrea Reimer and Melissa De Genova  opposed the salary increase and lump sum payment of $8,968.

Councillor Adriane Carr says Vancouver council member salaries have been stagnant for 20 years. (CBC)

Carr believes pay levels for Vancouver council members have been lagging behind other cities for some time.

"Our base salary has not been, at the council level, reviewed for 20 years," Carr told CBC News. "It's a fair thing to do especially when you've fallen behind a long ways, fallen behind your own senior staff."

"It put us in the median salary range for cities of a similar size and complexity within Canada, so we're dead average now," said Carr. 

In March of 2015, council approved a motion brought forward by councillor Geoff Meggs to appoint an independent review of the compensation for Vancouver elected officials.

The study found Vancouver city councillors were paid less than councilors in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Missisauga, Winnipeg and Brampton.

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