Vancouver bars to dump unattended drinks after VPD warning

BarWatch says unattended drinks should be disposed of for patrons' safety after police warn pub owners about the actions of two predatory men on the Granville strip.

BarWatch says it's acting on advice from Vancouver Police about predatory men on Granville strip

Any unattended drinks should be dumped, BarWatch's Curtis Robinson said, to prevent tampering with date rape drugs. (Eric Risberg/Associated Press)

A bar safety association in Vancouver says it's exercising extra caution after the Vancouver Police Department warned members about the actions of two predatory men on the Granville strip.

Former Vancouver police officer Curtis Robinson is the co-chair of BarWatch Vancouver — a network of 35 bars, nightclubs and restaurants in the city that promotes bar safety.

He says while he can't divulge specific information about the warning, bars will take necessary precautions.

"This has happened on many occasions before with the Vancouver Police Department where we'll be notified about a concern in confidence about an individual," he said.

"If there's a threat to public safety, we'll enter their name into the system. If that person comes downtown, they're located and denied entry to any BarWatch bar for public safety reasons."

Robinson said staff at BarWatch bars and clubs — as per a long-standing policy — will dispose of any unattended drinks so that they won't be tampered with. Patrons can now take their drinks into the washroom due to concerns of tampering, he added.

Furthermore, he says staff have been trained to watch for indicators of predatory behaviour.

"For example, if a female patron becomes unexpectedly, seriously intoxicated without having consumed a lot of alcohol and is being led away by a male, the staff have been trained to intervene and call the police," he said.

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