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Panicked deer makes unexpected house call in Kamloops, B.C.

Kamloops, B.C., resident Todd Mason was going to bed when he discovered a deer in his house. Mason eventually called the police for help.

Todd Mason was going to bed when he discovered a deer had squeezed into his house via a dog door

A deer managed to get into a house in Kamloops, B.C., via a small dog door on Saturday. (Submitted by Kamloops RCMP)

Kamloops, B.C., resident Todd Mason was going to bed Saturday night when he heard an "awful racket" on the main floor. 

"I poked my head down the hallway and, lo and behold, there's a deer," said Mason.

Mason and Kamloops RCMP suspect the deer got into the house through a small dog door. The home is located on Pine Springs Road in the southern Interior city, an area that backs onto mountainous terrain.

Once inside, Mason said the deer started panicking.

"It went in circles around the main floor of our house a few times … it was jumping on everything — windows, televisions, oven doors trying to get out," he said. 

Mason tried to get the deer to a carpeted area to calm down. 

"In the meantime, our house was now a disaster zone. Picture frames and candle sticks, a table had been knocked over and of course, my pride and joy, the 60-inch LG [television] had a massive hole in it. He really hit that TV. He jumped at it about three times."

The deer wreaked havoc the main floor of Todd Mason's house, jumping at anything in its way in a bid to escape. (Submitted by Todd Mason)

Eventually, Mason said he had to call the police.

Kamloops RCMP media spokesperson Const. Crystal Evelyn said officers were able to slowly get the deer out and release it into the wilderness nearby.

"Luckily, when the members were there, one of them thought to put a blanket over the deer's head and then they were able to get it down to the ground, get a rug underneath it and slide it out so it could get out safely," she said. 

"I can imagine that it was probably quite scared and it's lucky that they were able to get it out calmly and safely and quickly."

It's still a mystery exactly how the deer — which officers estimate was an older juvenile — managed to make its way through the dog door, which is meant for a smaller dog. 

"It must have been a hell of thing for him to squirm in there," said Mason. 

With files from Jenifer Norwell


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