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The best way to photograph Vancouver is from under a bridge, apparently

People in Metro Vancouver are showing a curious appreciation for our bridges these days. Specifically, the underside of bridges.

Forget standing on a bridge's deck. The internet has found a new way to capture Vancouver's beauty

The Lions Gate Bridge from the Stanley Park seawall. (Jan Zeschky/CBC)

People in Metro Vancouver are showing a curious appreciation for our bridges these days. 

Specifically, the underside of bridges. The trend is called "Under the Bridge," and the internet would like you to take part.

Bridges are generally pretty great (excluding tolls, lane closures and mind-numbing traffic). 

They let you cross impassable bodies of water. They can define a city's skyline (happy birthday, Lions Gate Bridge!)

But who among us has ever considered the beauty of a bridge's underside? The elegant foundation. The understated seismic bearings.

Thanks to Vancouver Reddit, we now know any bridge shot is best captured from below, looking up.

"I like this!" wrote one user. "It reminds me that if housing continues to be unaffordable, we'll all be living under the Port Mann Bridge."

The bridge posts began to trickle in on Thursday. 

As the photos snowballed, people started to get craftier.

Two bridges in one, for instance.

Standing underneath a bridge before it even existed.

When you're not quite under that bridge just yet.

The more of them you see, the more transfixed you get. 

Sure, it's trivial. But amid the grim news cycle, the undersides of bridges have become a small thing to smile at.


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