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$15 million winning Vancouver lottery ticket about to expire

A Vancouver lotto player could be $15 million richer but not for much longer. 

The prize-winning Lotto Max ticket is set to expire at midnight on Aug. 13

The BCLC is reminding anyone who purchased a Vancouver Lotto Max ticket they haven't claimed that a 15 million prize is about to expire on Aug. 13. (The Canadian Press)

A Vancouver lotto player could be $15 million richer but not for much longer.

The Lotto Max winner has yet to claim the prize-winning ticket from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). 

The BCLC Is issuing a reminder to anyone in Vancouver who may have an unclaimed ticket that the $15 million prize is set to expire on Aug. 13.

"If you were in Vancouver and purchased a lottery ticket, be sure to check your beach bags, suitcases, glove boxes or anywhere else for a winning $15-million Lotto Max ticket," it said in a statement.

The winning numbers are 1-14-17-20-28-32-38. Players can check their tickets online, on the Lotto app or at any BCLC lottery retailer in the province.

"The claim process must begin on or before Aug. 13, 2022, to be considered valid," said BCLC spokesperson Shelley Wong. 

Lotto Max will announce the winner's name and the specific retail location where it was purchased after the player comes forward. 

Prize winners have 52 weeks from the ticket's draw date to claim their prize.


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