British Columbia

Try Vote Compass to find out where you stand in B.C.'s 2017 election

The online Vote Compass tool can help you explore how you fit in British Columbia's political landscape.

Liberal, NDP or Green? Find out which party aligns with your values


B.C.'s provincial election is on May 9, and if you're unsure which party aligns best with your values, the Vote Compass tool is now online to help you explore where you stand.

The tool is simple.

You answer a series of agree/disagree questions on your political views about a number of election issues. At the end, the application takes a summary of your views and shows you where you lean.

CBC has teamed up with developers at Vox Pop Labs to create the Vote Compass tool.

Vox Pop Labs CEO Clifton van der Linden says the tool is not intended to tell you who to vote for but rather serve as an entry point for understanding relevant public policy issues.

"A voter's calculation of her or his position and who they're going to vote for in an election race is more complex than Vote Compass offers," he explained.

"Vote Compass helps cut through the rhetoric and the spin of election campaigns [and] allows people to orient themselves."

The tool focuses primarily on public policy issues with some tailored questions specific to this year's election. These topics include environmental issues, B.C.'s relationships with its Indigenous peoples, campaign financing, and natural resource extraction.

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