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'Garden Spicer' meme from Victoria woman goes viral

Move over, Melissa McCarthy: a Victoria, B.C., instructor's parody of Trump press secretary Sean Spicer "hidden ... among the bushes" has gone viral, shared over 100,000 times on social media.

'I just put it [online] ... as a chuckle for a few people; I was really stunned'

A "Garden Spicer" parodying White House spokesperson Sean Spicer in a Victoria garden. The Garden Spicer is the brainchild of Lisa Kadonaga, a University of Victoria and Camosun College instructor. (Michael Mcarthur/CBC)

Live from Victoria, it's Lisa Kadonaga.

As if it wasn't enough for Melissa McCarthy to make Donald Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer, the butt of frequent jokes on Saturday Night Live, the Victoria post-secondary instructor's lampooning of him: "Garden Spicer," has become something of an Internet sensation.

The Garden Spicer could be called a political lawn ornament: a printout of Spicer's face placed strategically in bushes to make it look like he is peering out of them.

The Washington Post reported Spicer was "hidden in the darkness and among the bushes" with his staff on Wednesday, as White House reporters demanded to know why the president fired former FBI director James Comey.

The FBI is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election and it has been reported that Comey sought more resources to investigate links between Russia and Trump's campaign.

"Friends of mine started sending around pictures of Spicer's face photoshopped into hedges," Kadonaga said. "My neighbours have a hedge kinda like that. I thought I could do that … with a photocopier.

"I just put it [online] to make them laugh, as a chuckle for a few people. I was really stunned as the picture of the preparation and the installation in the bushes kinda took off."

Lisa Kadonaga poses with one of her Garden Spicers in Victoria. (Michael Mcarthur/CBC)

Shared over 100,000 times

"Kinda took off" is such an understatement, it borders on being an alternative fact.

Since Kadonaga put her photos online on Thursday, they have been shared over 100,000 times on social media. It has also been covered by the Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Time, CNET, People and CNN.

"I was trying to figure out from my friends, who got hold of this? They were all swearing they didn't share it more than a few times," she said.

People began asking Kadonaga for the large photo so often she created a Dropbox account, so they could grab it anytime they wanted.

It was such a popular offering that the sharing site shut down her account for a while after it was overwhelmed by traffic.

Kadonaga believes much of the sharing is actually out of sympathy for the much-maligned Spicer.

She says everyone has been in a situation at least once where they've been told to go out and do a job without the right tools or information.

"I think it really struck a chord with people, realizing, 'gee, that could be me up there.'"