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TransLink unveils the new Mark III SkyTrain

TransLink invited riders and media for a first look at the newest SkyTrain model, the Mark III. Improvements include greater passenger capacity and reduced noise.

More passengers, less noise: SkyTrain Mark III hopes to improve on previous model

The newest SkyTrain model, the Mark III. (Sia Dezvareh/CBC)

On Thursday, TransLink invited riders and media on-board for the first look (and first ride) of the newest SkyTrain model, the Mark III.

The company has invested in a total of seven trains in preparation for the Evergreen Line expansion. The new models include a number of changes from the current model, the Mark II. 

More spacious for passengers

The Mark III holds approximately 20 to 50 more passengers than previous models which was accomplished by making a four-car continuous train enabling riders to walk its entire length.

Less noise and more natural light

The new design features doors with improved sealing when closed for a quieter ride and larger front and side windows to allow more natural light.

Additional space for bikes, strollers and wheelchairs

Three single seats have been removed from in each car to create the extra space. 

A new train monitoring system 

The Mark III has an interface on-board that enables TransLink staff to monitor the train's essential systems with the push of a button.

Longest driverless rapid transit system

Once the Evergreen extension is opened, the SkyTrain system will be the longest automated rapid transit system in the world. It's currently the largest in Canada.