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TransLink closing all SkyTrain and SeaBus fare gates April 4

As of April 4, only transit riders with a compass card or ticket will be able to enter and leave SkyTrain stations and Seabus terminals.

A station assistance service is also being implemented to help people with mobility issues

The fare gates at all SkyTrain and SeaBus locations will be closed by April 4. (CBC)

TransLink is closing all of its fare gates at its SeaBus terminals and SkyTrain stations as of April 8, meaning only those with a Compass card or Compass ticket will be able to enter and leave them.

"We've arrived at this exciting stage by rolling out Compass in phases and listening to customers along the way to make sure we get it right for them," said Cathy McLay, TransLink Acting CEO, in a written statement.

"More than 675,000 customers have made the switch to Compass and we are confident our customers are ready for this transition to a fully closed, gated system."

The closures will begin on April 4 and will be completed by April 8. TransLink said it tested the closures at almost 20 stations throughout February. 

Customers will still be able to use cash and Faresaver tickets on buses, but they'll have to change over to the Compass system if they transfer to the SkyTrain or SeaBus. 

TransLink began to install the fare gates in 2011. They were originally scheduled to be in place by 2010 and the implementation was rescheduled several times since then. 

Station assistance for people with disabilities

TransLink says it has been working with people with disabilities on issues with the fare gate closures.

Advocacy groups had said some people with mobility issues aren't able to access the gates to tap in and tap out. 

In response to that criticism, TransLink says it is implementing a station assistance service to help customers who need it at fare gates, including elevators. 

"We look forward to working with TransLink to continue to explore a range of options to ensure the transit system is inclusive and accessible for everyone," said Pam Horton, board member of the Disability Alliance of B.C.. 


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