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TransLink bus routes: 3 facts you didn't know

TransLink's annual report reveals information about ridership on all its bus routes

TransLink's annual report reveals information about ridership on all its bus routes

The 135 to SFU is one of Greater Vancouver's busiest buses. (CBC)

TransLink's recently released 2014 Bus Service Performance Review reveals a few surprising details about some of Metro Vancouver's busiest bus routes. 

Just how busy is the 99 B-Line?

We've all heard about how busy the 99 B-Line can be.

The bus serving the Broadway Corridor has been said to be one of the busiest routes in Canada and the U.S.

But TransLink's report shows just how busy the 99 is compared to the other top 10 busiest bus routes in the region.

The most crowded bus route (hint: it's not what you think)

The 99 B-Line may have the largest number of boardings per year, but in terms of the percentage of hours a route is overcrowded, the award goes to the 49 Metrotown Stn / UBC

Also worth noting: six of the 10 most crowded bus routes service UBC; eight of them service a university.

Ridership has dropped except south of the Fraser River

Lastly, TransLink's report shows that ridership has dropped in many cities, except in municipalities south of the Fraser River.

System-wide, however, there was a 0.6 per cent increase in boardings on buses in the Lower Mainland.


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