British Columbia

Transit fares go up starting July 1

Beginning July 1, TransLink will increase fares by five to 10 cents.

Single-use fares will increase by 5 to 10 cents starting Canada Day

TransLink will increase fares across Metro Vancouver beginning Canada Day. (Tina Lovgreen/CBC)

Transit fares across Metro Vancouver will increase by roughly three per cent starting July 1, marking the first time fares have increased since 2013.

Single-use adult fares will go up by 10 cents and concession fares will increase by five cents. 

Monthly pass fares will increase by $2, while concession monthly pass fares will increase by a dollar — depending on the zone.

The fare hike was approved in March as part of phase one of the Mayors Council 10-year-vision for regional transportation plan.

The revenue from the increased fares is set to fund improvements to the region's transit system and to increase services.

"It is a major deal and we're putting lots of new service on the road," said TransLink spokesperson Chris Bryan.

Bryan pointed to increased services on the Expo and Millennium lines. 

"We're keeping more trains out for longer during peak period," said Bryan. Canada Line service capacity has also increased as have HandyDart and Seabus trips.

More fare increases are to come. Increases have already been approved for July 1, 2018 and 2019 . The hikes are expected to be at a similar rate.