Transit cops Bruce Shipley, Alfred Wong guilty in assault of Jordan Dyck

Two Vancouver Transit Police officers have been found guilty of assault on SkyTrain passenger Jordan Dyck.

Officers were charged after a February 2012 SkyTrain incident

Jordan Dyck was not a threat to officer safety, and did not appear aggressive or hostile on video evidence, the judge ruled. (Kirk Williams/CBC)

Vancouver Transit Police officers Const. Bruce Shipley and Const. Alfred Wong have been found guilty of assault on SkyTrain passenger Jordan Dyck.

The officers physically assaulted and pepper-sprayed Jordan Dyck at Granville SkyTrain station in February 2012.

Judge Reg Harris told the court that video evidence presented did not show Dyck as aggressive or hostile, but that Shipley and Wong used "significant force" against him, despite Dyck not being a threat to officer safety.

The judge also said that had charges originally suggested by Transit Police progressed, Dyck could have been wrongly convicted.

Transit officer Bruce Shipley arrives in court in Vancouver May 29. (Kirk Williams/CBC)

Shipley and Wong were initially charged with assault, but following an investigation by the Vancouver Police Department, charges of public mischief, breach of trust, and fabrication of evidence, in addition to the original assault charges were added.

Both Shipley and Wong were charged in August 2013 and have been on paid administrative duty since.


  • A previous version of this story stated that the officers have been on paid leave since August 2013. In fact they have been on paid administrative duty.
    May 29, 2015 12:56 PM PT

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