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Transcript of the RCMP email as read in the inquiry

Transcript of the RCMP email as read in the inquiry

The following is a transcription of the RCMP email as read by commission counsel Art Vertlieb at the inquiry on Friday.

Subject: Media strategy — release of the YVR video


Spoke with Wayne Rideout today about our strategy for the release of the video. He had a couple of concerns.

First, he didn't think we should be providing any explanation for what was transpiring, but instead just say the inquest will take evidence under oath, et cetera. I went through the rationale and said we need to have an explanation. Otherwise our detractors will put their own spin.

Second, as we're going to have someone speak to this, he suggested that it should be someone other than Dale Carr. Otherwise, we may lose the perception of independence. He would rather have someone separate from IHIT do this. We both think a use of force expert would be ideal. Greg Gillis has not been involved in this investigation, so is independent. I suggest we have Greg do the narrative of what is happening.

Finally, spoke to Wayne and he indicated that the members did not articulate that they saw the symptoms of excited delirium, but instead had discussed the response en route and decided that if he did not comply that they would go to CEW. He has asked investigators for a synopsis and should have it by noon tomorrow.