British Columbia

Trained falcon lost in Salmon Arm

A Salmon Arm resident is asking the public to help her find Griffin, a one-year old trained gyr falcon.

Griffin has been missing since Tuesday

Griffin, a one-year old gyr falcon, has been missing since Tuesday, says Manady MacDiarmid, who runs a bird abatement business, Schuswap Birds of Prey. (Mandy MacDiarmid / Schuswap Birds of Prey)

Have you seen this lost falcon? A Salmon Arm resident is looking for Griffin, a trained one-year-old gyr falcon.

Griffin has been missing since Tuesday when he flew off, says Mandy MacDiarmid, who runs a falconry wildlife management business. She trains Griffin and other birds at Schuswap Birds of Prey to scare away smaller, unwanted birds at airports, landfills, vineyards, and orchards.

MacDiarmid says Griffin means a lot to her.

"With training, you can't really put a [dollar] figure on them. It's also more about the attachment as well," she said.

"We miss him, and we'd like to have him back."

How to find a falcon

MacDiarmid says she and her employees usually put transmitters on their birds when they fly free. But on Tuesday, she suspects Griffin, spooked by nearby machinery, flew off from his perch without one.

Griffin has a one metre wingspan, a white underbelly and is about 50 centimetres from beak to tail. MacDiarmid says gyr falcons can fly at speeds of 100 km per hour or more.

MacDiarmid is asking people to text her a picture of any bird resembling Griffin at 250-253-9269.

To listen to the full audio, click the link labelelled: Griffin the missing one-year old gyr falcon from Salmon Arm.