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Vernon, B.C., traffic flagger still in critical condition

RCMP say a female traffic flagger hit by a car in Vernon on Nov. 17 remains in critical condition in hospital as family members arrive to make 'key decisions.'

Worker hit by car Nov. 17, airlifted to Kelowna General Hospital

More than 100 flaggers took part in rally in Vernon Saturday to show support for injured worker. (Castanet)

A female traffic control worker who was struck by a car near Vernon, B.C., earlier this month remains in critical condition, according to RCMP.

On Nov. 17, the flagger was injured along Highway 6, close to Lavington, when a driver failed to stop near an active work site.

The 66-year-old woman was airlifted to Kelowna General Hospital.

"She's still in hospital in critical condition," said Const. Kelly Brett, RCMP spokesperson. 

"I think at this point they are just waiting for family to arrive to make some key decisions."

So far, no charges have been laid against the driver.

'Just a horrible, horrible accident'

On Saturday, more than 100 flaggers lined Highway 97 in Vernon to show support for the injured worker and to remind drivers to slow down.

Participants held up signs reading, "I am a mother, daughter, sister" and "I want to see my grandkids grow."

Flaggers held personal messages reminding drivers to slow down. (Castanet)

"Each year we're on those roads, they do get more dangerous," said rally organizer, Michelle Hudson, owner of Integrity Traffic Control Training.

"We have more … traffic, we have more new drivers. It's not the safest place to be." 

"Friday was just a horrible, horrible accident."

The police investigation is ongoing.

With files from CBC's Brady Strachan.