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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford arrives in Vancouver

Toronto mayor Rob Ford arrived at the Vancouver airport this morning on his way to a funeral this weekend.

Toronto mayor is attending a funeral for the mother of a friend

Rob Ford arrives in Vancouver

8 years ago
Toronto's mayor posed for photos with fans at the airport 2:07

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford arrived at the Vancouver International Airport this morning with his family. Ford says they're here for a funeral Saturday and will be returning to Toronto Sunday.

"Ford's arrival created quite a stir comparable to what you'd get with the arrival of a celebrity," said CBC reporter Tim Weekes, who was at the airport.

Ford and his children walk away from reporters after they stop talking about weather and sports and start talking about the latest controversy. (CBC)

A number of people approached Ford for pictures and autographs.

"There were people running up to reporters to announce, "He's here.He's here. It's Rob Ford," said Weekes.

Ford initially kibitzed with the media about weather and sports. Reporters asked him how it felt to be in Seahawks territory.

"Yeah, you know my buddy plays for Denver so I'm not going to say too much around here cause I know you guys are Seahawks fans, but you know it's a good game and obviously I gotta cheer for Orlando Franklin."

Orlando Franklin is a Canadian Denver Broncos lineman who grew up in the Toronto area. Ford has been seen in public wearing his football jersey.

Ford's children in Vancouver for first time

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford achieves near celebrity status upon his arrival in Vancouver. (CBC)

Ford says it's the first time his children have seen Vancouver and that he is going to enjoy his time here. 

"You brought some sunny weather, quipped a bystander.  "Yeah?," replied Ford. "It's freezing in Toronto."

However the goodwill evaporated when a reporter asked Ford whether he had anything to do with the jail house beating of his sister's former common-law partner, Scott MacIntyre.  Ford shook his head and wheeled away his luggage as on-lookers contnued to wish him well.

with files from the CBC's Tim Weekes